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I do not live within city limits, but I am sure there are still restrictions concerning discharging a firearm within distance of a occupied dwelling. I am an avid gun owner and hunter. I would not do anything that would remotely endanger a neighbor. My house is set a little away from others but definitely close enough to hear a shot. I back up to a large farm and would be shooting in that direction. Not only would I probably be breaking “some” law. I am sure the neighbors would not appreciate me discharging a firearm from my deck in the middle of the night. I understand this, I would not want them doing it because I have no idea what type of firearm training they have or how safe they would be. They probably feel the same way. The bow hunter idea my work. He would not have to get on the roof. I have an evleated deck that would be perfect. I could probably get by with a pellet gun. I am just not sure that would do the job.
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