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I find an advanced education seems to make the user turn into a dim wit.since I am much older and have seen much more I think I have a slight edge.I came from a time before the intelectuals got control of the country,and before all the gun control went wild.the 1934 law did not stop the ownership of MGs what it did was tax the guns and registered[bad]them.
the $200 was big money then.but it did not stop any one from getting guns.
as a mater of fact they then stole the guns from police stations.what stopped it was the elimination of the groups.and criminals dont use MGs not because of the price but because that brings federal heat down on them and no one wants them around.there are thousands of unregistered MGs out there.but the people who have them are not the criminals.its not the gus stupid its the criminals.either eliminate them or you have isnot the poor that are the criminals its the people who want something for nothing.
I live barely on my SS and cannot afford the price of the modern guns what I have I got long ago.I hope you rethink you thread before you get to deep in cow-dung
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