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I'm 48 years old. I started hunting and shooting when I was about 12. I live in No. California, about 25 miles N.E. of San Francisco. I've done some reloading but I'm no expert. My taste in firearms runs toward "Practical Quality" I don't care for guns that are too pretty to take hunting. I do like a gun that has good fit and finish,works smoothly and is accurate. My favorite rifle is my Weatherby Mark V in 30-06, black plastic stock. Leopold VXII 3-9 scope. I'm not a big fan of big magnums. I think most are never used to their potential. You don't need a .300 Wby Mag to shoot any dear. If you are going to Alaska, that's a different story.
I think we all, as gun owners and enthusiasts need to do our best to show non gun owners that most of us are safe and responsible. There are enough yahoos out there who make us look bad, reinforcing anti gun sentiments.
I've been frequenting FLF for about 3 months.
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