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Canberra suffers from endemic hoplophobia....

Hi Foxrr,

It's a word coined by Jeff Cooper to describe those with an irrational fear of weapons.

Certainly little John and Daryl Williams are sufferers, as is Rebecca Peters and Jon Stanhope. In fact the entire Green Party is afflicted, among the many afflictions and affectations of its leader Bob.

When the Constitution was written, they hadn't even dreamed of semi-autos.
Yeah, well they hadn't dreamed of radio, T.V., computers, aircraft other than balloons and a lot of outer stuff. Freedon and the liberty to enjoy it aren't technology restricted.

I have encountered the aversion to the word "weapon" also.

What do they think a rifle is?

"Projectile launcher" comes to mind.

Or perhaps "Thingy with a spiral grooved tube"?

What disturbs me is the SSAA plays along and pretends that there are no "weapons" at any of its ranges. :barf:

Dingoboyx, Janet Howard is a very odd sort, and she certainly suffers from an incurable case of hoplophobia! I wish she'd taken up knitting instead.
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