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This was from last year....

The town of Wilmette, Illinois had a handgun ban on their books for almost 20 years. You may remember the town for its outrageous prosecution of Hale DeMar--the man in Wilmette who was forced to use a handgun to defend himself and his family against a convicted criminal who had broken into his home for the second time in as many nights.

Well, in the wake of last month's historic Supreme Court decision protecting an individual right to possess firearms, village trustees in the northern Chicago suburb recently voted unanimously to repeal the egregious ban and strike it from the books.


Fairfax, VA- Today, the Village of Morton Grove agreed to a stipulated dismissal of a National Rifle Association lawsuit challenging the village’s gun ban. A new town ordinance recognizes the right to private handgun ownership, bringing an end to NRA’s lawsuit against the village. Morton Grove completely dismissed its ordinance banning handguns and agreed to not replace it with any direct regulation other than to adopt existing state laws.

Evanston to drop gun ban

These are hard economic times and a lot of these towns dont have the $$$ to take on the NRA.

The national press isnt going to cover these stories so search for your self and see who has come in line with the Heller decision instead of facing legal action.
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