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I voted for the first because I was thinking original intent, with the second option as collateral thereto. I did not understand until after voting that the second includes the first and more. I'm an "all of the above" guy. Not asserting that the constitution explicitly dilineates some of the peripheral rights that come along with gun ownership, but they are appurtenant to whatever it is the 2A was supposed to protect.

To those who would doubt "carry" is embraced:

"keep and bear" - both, not one or the other, and not one only. We must interpret this to mean they are both included as different manifestations of the right and neither synonymous nor redundant. "Bear" generally means something to the effect of hold, bring or carry. Nowhere will you find a definition of "bear" that relates to storing something in your basement in anticipation of T*******I [unpopular abbreviation round these parts].

bear1   /bɛər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bair] Show IPA verb, bore or (Archaic) bare; borne or born; bear⋅ing.
–verb (used with object) 1. to hold up; support: to bear the weight of the roof.
2. to hold or remain firm under (a load): The roof will not bear the strain of his weight.
3. to bring forth (young); give birth to: to bear a child.
4. to produce by natural growth: a tree that bears fruit.
5. to hold up under; be capable of: His claim doesn't bear close examination.
6. to press or push against: The crowd was borne back by the police.
7. to hold or carry (oneself, one's body, one's head, etc.): to bear oneself erectly.
8. to conduct (oneself): to bear oneself bravely.
9. to suffer; endure; undergo: to bear the blame.
10. to sustain without yielding or suffering injury; tolerate (usually used in negative constructions, unless qualified): I can't bear your nagging. I can hardly bear to see her suffering so.
11. to be fit for or worthy of: It doesn't bear repeating.
12. to carry; bring: to bear gifts.
13. to carry in the mind or heart: to bear love; to bear malice.
14. to transmit or spread (gossip, tales, etc.).
15. to render; afford; give: to bear witness; to bear testimony.
16. to lead; guide; take: They bore him home.
17. to have and be entitled to: to bear title.
18. to exhibit; show: to bear a resemblance.
19. to accept or have, as an obligation: to bear responsibility; to bear the cost.
20. to stand in (a relation or ratio); have or show correlatively: the relation that price bears to profit.
21. to possess, as a quality or characteristic; have in or on: to bear traces; to bear an inscription.
22. to have and use; exercise: to bear authority; to bear sway.

–verb (used without object) 23. to tend in a course or direction; move; go: to bear west; to bear left at the fork in the road.
24. to be located or situated: The lighthouse bears due north.
25. to bring forth young or fruit: Next year the tree will bear.
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