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'Hoplophobic'..I like that I had to look it up in my two thesauruses and dictionaries.
Only clue; my ancient schooldays Concise Oxford lists 'hoplite, n, Heavy-armed (sic) footsoldier of ancient Greece.'
Seems academia has a phobia about 'heavy- or heavily-armed'.
Hoplophobia phobia?

Let all this bull***t act as a warning to our Yank brothers. Even with Constitutional protection there are no full guarantees.
You will still be 'bearing arms' even with bans on this or that type. And so will the crims. When the Constitution was written, they hadn't even dreamed of semi-autos.

In the words of an old Kingston Trio song (showing my age): "This...could YOU!"

Just as an aside, here in West Oz we have to write a submission of intent/reason when first applying for a high powered hunting firearm license. If the word 'weapon' is used... forget it! Take up golf! I don't have a big problem with it but it shows the paranoia.
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