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All I could come up with is a price floor on firearms, specifically handguns. Say a price floor of $250 or $300.
So what you're saying is that poor people shouldn't be allowed the means to defend themselves. That only the lives of those above a certain level of income have value. So what level of affluence does one have to reach before their lives have enough value to defend? Those that can afford $250? Wait there might still be some riffraff lives at that price point. Why not $2500? Surely those are more elite lives. Or maybe just the lives of the really special people that can afford $5000? Or $10000? The history of gun control has been one attempt after another to keep guns out of the hands of the poor and minorities. Thus the demonetization of $100 self defense handguns as "Saturday night specials". A cheap $150 handgun is much better than nothing when your life is in danger - unless your life has no value to your "betters".
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