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I agree about the EM theory being a poor construct. I ask because I'm curious as to how you think the market would price that news into the manufacturers market cap and how that kind of regulation would affect those in say...Austria or wherever. The thing about EM theory is it's blind eye to manipulation. The ivory tower guys in the SIC; ahem SEC, have assumed EM balances the market and regulation is an unnecessary redundancy. That's how the regulators have postured (what do they do all day? play patty cakes). I admit I'm moving on a tangent here, but I think there's some pertinence to the idea of a floor on gun prices will affect the market in a way that the manufacturers can be damaged. I can cite examples all day where this has happened.

There are a large number of investors/brokers who regularly outperform financial markets. My favorite being James investment Research.
Many of which have been doin' the perp walk lately. Although; you can just look to Berksire Hathaway and see it can be done and in a way that adds value to the economy.
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