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I want to ask this... I never see ANYONE say that they suggest a Sig P228,P229 or any other Sig for USPSA? I just bought a Sig P229 9mm and was thinking about going to a couple shoots here where I live, and I have been looking aroud, and no one ever says anything about the Sigs. Are they not good for IDPA/USPSA matches? Just curious, I alsohave a Glock 23 I was thinking about using.
That heavy first trigger pull in double action on a DA/SA gun puts you at a significant disadvantage against people shooting Glocks and M&Ps which have a same-every-shot lighter trigger.

It's not to say that you can't win with a Sig, but it is harder.

Yeah I would have to see what the Dims are with the 10 round. I have one more for you... The P239 mag is considered a 8 round single stack, would that mean that I could shot that pistol in the Single Stack Div? Or is that more 1911's and nothing else? Even the 10 round for the P239 is a single stack Mag.
The rules for USPSA Single Stack Division is that the gun has to be a 1911 platform pistol. What I didn't realize until recently was that they didn't have to be .45acp. If you shoot a 1911 in .40 or 9mm, you score as Minor but are still fully legal.

I have to admit that I have no idea what you are taling I am a real Newbie here and that doesnt make sense to me sorry.
In most USPSA divisions (but not Production), your gun has to be a minimum caliber to be scored as "Major." If it is smaller, it is scored as "Minor." What this means is that the scores you receive for hits on a target are potentially different for Major versus Minor.

Both receive the same number of points for a perfect ("A" Zone) hit, but Minor receives less points than Major for hits in the B, C, and D Zones.

The reason for this is to penalize those shooters who are using smaller calibers because they are getting an advantage from the theoretically reduced recoil.

So, what Steve was specifically refering to was that he owns a Glock 35 (.40S&W competition-length model). Since it is .40S&W, it is scored "Major" in USPSA Limited and Limited-10 division (assuming his ammo also meets the minimum power rating). If he wants to use it in IDPA SSP Division, he can load his ammo to a lower power and not have a terrible recoil disadvantage over those people shooting 9mm guns in that Division.

The G35 is a good choice, but you need to reload your own ammo to get the best advantage out of it.

I was not able to attend the match this past Friday, but I talked to the Director on saturday (Which is my normal Shooting day), he was practicing at the range too. I am going to go to next months match and go through the safety orientation and do plan to shoot next month for the first time. The local club had a Classifier yesterday, but i could not attend that either due to standing Sunday obligations with my wife.
Fresno has good people. I'm involved up in Richmond (Bay Area) and Sacramento to a lesser extent (and I'm also Match Director for the California State IDPA Championship). I would encourage you to find a couple of guys willing to carpool, and come up to either a Sacramento match (first Sunday of every month) or Richmond's (our next one is April 26th).


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