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I don't know about that one either. I do know that I was ropable about losing my lovely little Ruger 10/22 used to terrorise nothing but rabbits, but the buyback meant I lost about $20 on the value of the rifle. Could have been worse. Some blokes with very high value firearms actually made something of a killing when they handed them in.

Still, I swore I would never vote Liberal again while my rear pointed south! Haven't either.

The buyback was a huge farce. Because the Govt didn't want to upset shooters too much they then allowed licensed shooters to replace any lost firearm with an approved model, few questions asked. Since then, the number of firearms in the community has multiplied way over previous figures as the new laws have been argued and fiddled with by committees and lord knows who. It's cost the taxpayer more than it was worth except as a panacea, a placebo for the masses. Politics:barf:

Gun crime is still happening, mainly by the crim element who strangely haven't been bothering to license their equipment lately. And pollies are still saying how the buyback has been so effective reducing the number of guns in the community, and heap praise on ex-Prime Minister Howard for the circus. Spare me!
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