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It isn't my suggestion. I would like to overturn the '68 and '34 restrictions. It is something on the horizon which I think many Americans would support and I don't see any strong argument against it backed up with any real data. You have the unconstitutional aspect, but that hasn't held water in the past and I doubt it will this time around.

I think criminals do have a harder time getting full auto weapons than they once did. Have you been to the FBI museum and seen all the Tommy guns they collected in the 20s and 30s? The full auto 1911s?

Criminals substituted semi-auto guns for the full autos, much as I believe they would substitute illegally imported Russian military surplus for hi-points.
In most cases full auto offers no real advantage over semi auto out of light barreled rifles.

Obviously they still get a hold of the full autos when they are in situations where it could be advantageous.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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