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For me I guess it boils down to this ....

- There's nothing I won't in my defense. Any animal attacks me, threatens to attack me, I'll kill it if I can or if I have to.

- There are few animals I won't kill to survive. If it's starvation for me, or me and my family or group, as long as the critter is edible we'll probably kill it and eat it.

- I will hunt for food animals. And to keep down predatory species where necessary. I will let others trophy hunt as they desire, it's just not for me.

This does not mean I won't bag a coyote if the opportunity presents itself and it's legal. Or shoot any animal I think is rabid.

But there are certain animals that I can see no reason for shooting. Hummingbirds for instance. The coldest depths of hell should be reserved for those who willfully kill them (right next to the spot for those who abandon or drown kittens).

Sea or river otters I can't see shooting unless there is some serious reason. I hate seeing Tigers killed, along with most large cats... but I also understand there are times when it must be done. And don't consider safaris one of those times. Gorilla or Giraffe are others I wouldn't kill except in defense.

I will add that any animal that is slowly dying in some dreadful or painful way I will end its suffering.
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