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1st day at the range using 2 50gr triple 7 pellets, forgot to spit/dry patch between shots. managed to get the sabot loaded about 1/2 down the barrel. lucky for me the 2 r/o's have seen this happen before. they brought out a long thin pipe & an axe, took the 3 of us maybe 30-45mins to hammer the sabot down into the breech until it was seated - i shot it out (phew!). i never wanted to repeat that experience again. this was the 1st time shooting a muzzleloader & i was not used to the kick. my shoulder was sore & i think i loosened a few fillings in my teeth

i switched to using 100gr pyrodex rs powder, always spit/dry patch between shots. i fell into the trap of 'more is better' & continued using 100gr. kick was really bothersome, so i got a recoil pad. started reading more about 'working up your load' & realized - more is not better. i found that 70gr of pyrodex works well in the percussion hawken.

i read about how you could get away with not cleaning between shots using the bh209 but i did not want to chance it. with the bh209, the spit patch comes out just as black (and stinky) as the others. the r/o says 80gr of this bh209 should be plenty enough for deer.
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