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Dragon,I do not mean this as an attack on you.I just want to use your position as a point to make a counter point on.
No disrespect to you.

If you go to the predator thread,near this one,I wrote at length.

We all kill.If we accept that,there is a humility we can find about respecting life.
If you buy skinless,boneless ,bloodless chicken breasts under cellophane at the grocery store,that is fine!! enjoy!Just remember in the price per pound,you hired someone to kill,and rip its guts out.Hiring the killer,is it different?

Chickens are different? Ask a chicken.Is there life in a grain of wheat?

Does clearing a field and farming kill animals? There is death in spinach.Dead deer,too.

In one of Ruarks books,he brings up the point,there is no kind,gentle death in bed for creatures in nature.The lion is eaten alive by hyenas when he is old.

Death is inevitable for all of us,and it is good to know we are all part of the circle of Life.

Now,I do agree,it is appropriate to take something sacred to the hunt,and not all hunters do that.

But,I think it is darn near certain that anyone who eats,even Vegans,that looks down their nose at an ethical,honest hunter,does not know where they are in the Circle of Life.And those that deny they kill,have not found something sacred
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