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8mm "mystery" rifle

Actually, the mystery is more in what it is, as it was built up custom in the 60's - my father purchased it new while working at a sporting goods store, and purchased the barrel / action, stock separately. He has always said it is "not a Mauser", which I've wondered if he was told that in terms of manufacturer or type.

He was told at that time that ammunition production for it would stop shortly, and purchased extra bullets and brass.

We're wondering exactly what it is, and if ammunition is now available for it, or not.

Information available:

Ammunition box he has states "8mm Semi-Spitzer 318"

Notes he sent to me this evening:
Barrel reads:

2,67 G.B.B.P.
St. m G

Fluid-Steel- Krupp-Essen


Scope reads;
HELIA 4 [email protected]
Nr. 43922

Bought about 1962 for about $240 (for wages working at $.50 an hour) and added scope and swivel mount. Spent about 20 hours re-sanding and waxing/polishing stock.


Any light anyone could shed on this would be greatly appreciated!

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