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I agree with Brent on the river otter. There is just no good reason to kill something that has so much fun.

It seems that most of us as boys, go through a stage where we want to make the hills run red with blood. I went through it, and nothing was safe. I haven't seen this in girls, but they are often more sensible than guys on many things.

Now as I get older, I find myself becoming a big softy. I absolutely hate seeing dead critters on the road. -- seems like a horrible waste of life, as well as meat.

I love eating most all of the critters that roam the earth, and I like the furs and leather hides of several that I wouldn't eat.

One thing is certain, and that is that we had better show good purpose in what we kill and how we kill it these days. We are living in a world where a lot of these idiots put more value on animal life than they do on humans. If any one of us does a poor, ugly, or excessive job of killing, it will be played to the hilt in order to make all hunters look bad.

Sometimes discretion is needed. For instance, I won't condemn the clubbing of baby seals, but ya gotta admit that it looks pretty bad on the evening news. jd
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