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Most of the typical African game I have no interest in shooting,except with a camera.Buffalo,maybe.Some antelope,maybe.Elephants,cats,giraffe,rhino ,hippo,zebra? No,thank you.Crocs? maybe.

I'll go deer or elk hunting for the trip,and,I'll happily shoot,while perhaps it is supposed to be the point,it is not the point for me.It is the other parts of the hunt.
Some critters,like prairie dogs invading private pasture,are nuisance targets.I can understand feral hogs being the same way.
Some idiots with a wolf sanctuary ran out of resources and released their wolves near here.Not a DOW project.If I see one I will shoot it

If I found a rattler near a house,I'd kill it.In a prairie dog town or away from folks,I leave it alone.
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