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Oh, wow, I never even thought of that. Now just one question: Would I get all the parts from the manufacturer's? Or where exactly would I be able to acquire all the parts? Thanks again.
Get a copy of SHOTGUN NEWS. Lots of actions for sale there, (differant kinds, if you don't want a long action for the 416, 338 Lup etc, you can get the Mauser actions). sells parts for these rifles. Boyds makes stocks for dern near anything.

Brownells, MidwayUSA, sell barrels, many pre chambered, (just have to finish chambering to match your head space). Even buying a reamer, you can get a pre-threaded barrel and put the gun together cheaper then you can buy one.

Also this will be a gun you put together instead of something you bought off the rack. It will mean a lot more to you then a store bought gun.

Nope: No FFL needed, you'll have to buy theaction from a dealer (or get a dealer to order it for you) but no FFL would be needed for building a gun for your own use. You can even build your own action and complete rifle FOR YOUR OWN USE, without a FFL. You dont need a FFL to order any parts except the action.
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