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For me, the broad generalization is that if I'm not gonna eat it, I'm not gonna kill it. If some species happens to be a problem for my normal activities, I'm willing to kill. Predators on my chickens/sheep/cattle, for instance. Feral cats and dogs as non-native predators on native wildlife.

But I don't get upset about armadillos digging in the lawn.

For me, then, my rather small dab of "bloodlust" is easily satisfied. The occasional coyote, when the local population is getting a bit big and they go to competing with me for quail. The key word is "occasional". Or a prairie dog hunt, since there's no way a guy with a rifle can seriously affect the population--and they are indeed pests for farmers and ranchers.

Varmint hunters kill a few furry animals. Politicians kill entire countries.
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