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Can't Kill

The wolf thread here has made me post this question. Is there any animal that you just couldn't shoot? I mean legal game or unprotected vermin. I know guys that bird hunt but will not shoot deer. Even amongst bird hunters there are some species that some guys can't or won't shoot.

I realize that this is an emotional topic. In a way it is silly. But us humans are emotional creatures and that often interferes with logic. I doubt if I could shoot a wolf. They are too close to being like domestic dogs for me. If I saw a wolf attacking a person or my dog was about to become a snack, yes, I would pull the trigger. But, if I saw a wolf standing in the open, minding its own business, I don't know if I could kill him. If I see a jackrabbit, I have no qualms about blasting it. Feral cats, no mercy there. I guess I just have a soft spot for canines.

Is there an animal that you can't bring yourself to kill?
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