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I'm confused about that...what do you mean "no broken 03 after 1929"? I don't understand what you're saying

I know that it is something of a rule of thumb to not shoot 03s that have an s/n under 1,000,000 but I do not understand this "8mm ammo" reference you have made. The 1903 is chambered for M2 ball, .30-06

I am not an 03 expert by any means but I have a long history with them for a 37 year old...the 03A3 in the photo above (taken summer '08) is the first firearm I ever fired. I was 9 That thing is slick as snot and accurate as all git-out...but I've never seen an 03 chambered for 8mm

Nice Eddystone by the way, M4Sherman
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