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Texas Jack's is an Uberti dealer. I noticed their online catalog has "Texas Jack's Percussion by A. Uberti" and "Cimaron Pecussion".

Uberti - 1858 Remington Army $277.95

Cimarron - 1858 Remington Army $333.41

Both of those products have the same catalog number CA107. So I called Texas Jack's up to ask them what the difference was. I was told they are exactly the same gun except the Cimarron one is marked "Cimarron" while the other cheaper one is just marked "Uberti". So I asked, if they are exactly the same why would you buy a Cimarron imported firearm. His response...if you want it to say Cimarron you pay the extra money otherwise the guns are exactly the same in quality and appearance.

At this point I could care less if it says Cimarron or not if the firearms are otherwise exactly the same in quality and appearance. Oddly, I would have expected the cheaper one to have someone's importation mark on it.
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