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Think what it would take for an importer to cherry-pick the revolvers.

Somebody would have to be in the Uberti factory, function-testing individual revolvers as they came off the assembly line. They're all going to have to function, for safety and liability reasons, so a simple go-no go check wouldn't do it; it would have to be a very detailed inspection by a revolver crank who knew what to look for.

You'd have to do this unfinished, since one area where different importers DO differ is in the markings and the finishes they offer. So having assembled the revolver and tested it, you partially disassemble it, send it back for finishing, reassemble while putting on whatever special details (brass vs. steel trigger guard or grip frame, special grips, etc) the supplier might want, and only then pack it up and ship it out.

Far more likely the Joe Bagadonutz Old West Emporium, Inc., calls Uberti and says "We want a thousand single actions, steel grip frames, old style ejectors, black rubber grips with our logo on them, coil hand springs, and a top-of-the-line hand fitting by your best gunsmith on each one." Now compared to actual cherry-picking it's downright easy. THAT I believe they will do.
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