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Well if it is equipment you are worried about, don't be. A lot of guys start out with cheap stuff like fobus and uncle mike's, then after they get into it a bit more, they drop some cash into some decent equipment. I started out with an uncle mike's paddle holster and a fobus double mag pouch for IDPA. Then after shooting in a few matches, and realizing that this was a fun sport/hobby that I wanted to do more often, I spent some money on a better set up. Now I use a Blade Tech standard belt holster and a G-Code double mag pouch with my all stock (except sights) Glock 34. I would go watch or shoot in the match. You would be surprized how nice and helpful people will be. Guys like to answer questions and talk about their gear. You got to start some where and every one was a new shooter at some time in their life.
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