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Uberti: Difference between Cimarron vs Taylor's

Is there a difference between a Cimarron, Taylor's or other importer when it comes to Uberti manufactured firearms? Specifically, if I'm looking at a Colt or Remington replica BP revolver is there a difference in quality between the importers? The importation marks may be different but it seems hard to believe that Uberti would make a model for Cimarron and a different one for Taylor's. I've read some threads where some will claim that Cimarron only takes the best-of-the-best from Uberti. I assume it is implied that Taylor's and other would take the less than best-of-the-best. Any verifiable truth to this....or just internet rumor? I mean, am I to believe there is some QA guy at the Uberti factory putting these BP revolvers into different bins?
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