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I think that we could all benefit from coming up with some really new and unique ideas for why FA weapons should be more legal than they are. This would help us escape the gridlocked debate dominated by these three arguments. I want to get some new and fresh ideas that we can all bring to the table when engaging in political discussion.
Can you people read? He didn't say "How can we restrict them more?" Didn't ask "How does some mall ninja think we should strengthen our NFA regulatory system?"

Why should they be MORE legal? I dunno. Overturn the '86 Hughes amendment. If we don't, in another generation they will be to expensive for anyone to own.

Now I will bring up the fact that only ONE murder has been committed with a NFA registered firearm in my lifetime. An Ohio cop (Cinci, I think.) murdered an informant with a registered Mac 10. He didn't catch his wife in bed with someone else as people like to say.

People that go through the fingerprints, signature, waiting waiting waiting and pay so much for a toy aren't likely to misuse it. but what do I know about anything.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens
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