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Something I've seen alot is new shooters that have just fired their first shot grinning like a mule eatin sawbriars and spinning around with the gun pointed to look at their buddies. Of course their buddies are ducking and falling to get away from the swinging gun. The problem is that we expect new shooters to know the basics right out of the box and many don't. I've made it a mental note to mention this to the next new person I take shooting.

A note about eye and ear protection: All through my younger days I refused to wear it thinking it was "sissy" or some such nonsense. I still don't wear eye protection like I should but I virtually always wear ear plugs or muffs since I'm 23 and already have tinnitus. It's not severe but it can get annoying at times. Of course I also have a fair amount of hearing loss to go along with it. So wear some plugs!
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