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If it had, it would have been locked down, Ken.

So far, this thread has been mild, compared to the ones that we were plagued with in the old L&P forum.

Yes, tempers have flared a bit. Yes, some have bashed all cops. Yes, some have told us citizens that we just don't understand. So?

Not everyone that has posted has been abusive. Even those that some think are, are actually pretty toned down, in comparison to what was paraded by in the past.

I understand the reasoning from both sides. The individuals that have been posting here, have made good their claims. Many jurisdictions make it extremely tough, if not impossible for those officers to serve NKW's. Likewise, others seem to call out SWAT at the drop of a hat.

There must be a middle ground somewhere, but by-and-large, that ideal is still being sought. Hopefully, these kinds of discussion can benefit both the citizen and law enforcement. That is only going to happen, if in the future, we all refrain from painting with the broad brush.

Since we are now at a point where the original OP's questions have been answered, and have drifted almost entirely off topic. Since we are also now talking in circles and some are even talking past each other, I'm closing this thread.

I would at this time, like to thank those involved in law enforcement, for maintaining the high road. I also thank those who put forth reasoned responses on the civilian side, for maintaining the purpose of this forum.

It is only by having honest discussion that we can see past any perceived differences and meet one another on common ground.
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