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A Police Officer REASONABLY carrying out his duties and something untoward happens should be ajudicated. But, the penalty if any should be very slight
So the officer that kills an innocent man because of a typo gets sent home for a week without pay.

Meanwhile, the wife of the man who was killed now has to cope without her husband. His children have to grow up without a father.

I cant help but feel that the officer is getting away with manslaughter. Were a firefighter to die on an incident where I am IC, as a result of my orders, or negligence, I can be charged with his death, even if I am acting in good faith. My division's position is your training and experience prepare you to do your job. If you're unable to perform your duties, or fail at them, you will be held responsible, even criminally. I guess all agencies aren't so strict.

In all honesty, It seems to me that maybe you regard civillians as lesser beings that officers. Once again, I hope that I'm wrong.
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