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I am, however, against excessive use of force. I assure you that if a full on, no flashing lights, no knock got served on my home while we are awake my wife will be the first one shot 2 COM! She will rise from her seat and confront faster than most men in this nation would. She has the "my babies" mentality that does not go away even though one child is 19 and the other is 17.
I would be like what the heck...
After we retire to our bedrooms I would be the first shot 2 COM as any noise signaling a burglary, robbery, or home invasion is met with SEVERE force and my paltry #3 buck out of the 20 gauge won't likely penetrate body armor.
KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!! I will answer it from the front porch and read your warrant and at the time attempt to explain that I am either the wrong guy or wrong home... Finally I will clear my home of my pets and await ya'lls search to satisfy that we are not the crooks you were after and that non of my firearms or ammo is stolen (READ: confiscated)...
Treat me with the respect my family deserves as law abiding citizens and I will reciprocate likewise as I understand that public servants in ya'lls line of work is a BUGGER!!! Heck I was 19 when I turned down a "sponsorship" to the academy offered by the highest ranked detective in the city I lived in. They wanted a level headed anti crime, thug,dope dealer, ganster type like me.
Cuz at the time starting pay was a tick over 20-22K per year and I was making 18k cutting grass with no shirt in the florida sun and couldn't justify the uniform discomfort for few grand per year!
I respect the vast majority of LEO greatly... it is the procedures enacted by politicians "officials" in the force I do not respect.
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