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First, No one is whining about doing the Job. If anything it is yet another Col. Jessup moment

No one is advocating NKW unless there are exigent circumstances and reasons not to knock and announce.

The problem is there are people who aren't in the position to know what they are talking about speaking of prohibiting a proven Police practice because of a tiny percentage of errors.

The map with balloon had some subjective critera on it wouldn't you say?

But even stipulating to instances such as "paramilitary Police excess" I think you map proves my point. With the thousands of Warrants served to have that few bad outcomes Police are doing thier business in a very controlled accurate and Constitutional manner.

That is unless you adopt the "even one child killed by a gun is too many" Brady arguement. In which case I would refer you to any of the anti RKBA websites out there.

As a pest control tech I could be civilly liable for spraying the wrong yard and could be charged with trespassing as well. Why should your career be any different?
I am not saying if you screw up you shouldn't be liable. I am saying that there is a difference between acting in good faith and acting with malice and criminal intent

To use your example: if you spray the wrong yard you should be liable for the damage --if any to said yard. But, unless you knew it to be the wrong yard and sprayed it anyway or "Hey that Joe's yard I don't like him or his beliefs and I know that this pesticide will kill his beloved daisys" you haven't done anything criminal.

Knowingly and Intentionally are words I have written on every criminal complaint I have ever prepared.
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