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I expect there to be anti-LEO sentiment on any forum. I welcome it. It keeps me informed on the current attitude of many. It betters me on "one-to-one" encounters with potential adversaries. It helps me to better empathize with non-law enforcement.

LongRifles, I've read your posts and the amount of hatred toward the Badge and those that wear it, is beyond me. Quote; " I've heard the stories and I know the mentality. I know the character traits. Cops have their own little society and it has evolved into an "US verses THEM mentality." You need to sit down with some of those in that "Inner Circle" you talk about, lay it on the table.

I served "No Knocks" and "Knock And Announce", sitting there for 12 hour stretches waiting for relief.

You trying to understand the job of a SWAT officer serving a warrant is like me telling my younger brother (The 1st Sergeant of 3/2); that I know what it's like going door-to-door in Bagdad. I would not dare and I was a Marine in peacetime.
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