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You have a British-contract military .38/200 revolver. It's basically the same as a .38 Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Change. Many collectors would call your gun a "pre-Victory" because it predates the "V" serial number prefix that S&W started using when serial numbers passed 999,999 (they restarted at V1).

It's wearing the original matte grey-black phosphate finish, but the stocks (grips) are either aftermarket or creatively redone originals. The front sight is not original. Judging by the barrel stamp, it has been rechambered in .38Spl. Unfortunately, the barrel has been cut, and the 'smith hacked off the front locking lug that holds the front of the ejector rod in place. This was often done by importers because it's easier and cheaper than repositioning the locking lug and installing a shorter ejector rod. The front locking lug is essential for proper lockup and cylinder alignment. The accuracy of this gun will probably be quite subpar if it's safe to shoot at all. Get it checked out by a gunsmith. It may be a wallhanger.

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