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some of you must be southern as you sound like the I do my thing and the el with you.yes I come from the north and I belong to a pistol indoor club.we even have a reloading room.infractions like have been posted would be grounds to be expelled.eye and ear protection is manditory.if the gun is not pointed at the target you get a warning,nextime your out.400 members and none have been kicked one wants the disgrace as no club will take them.and there is no combat or cowboy .it is a bullseye target shoot and many are very good shoots even the women.we have had several national champians.and I know what hearing is as my wife is always upset as i cannot hear her unless she is right there.I have been shooting since the late 1930s
I have a number of trophys.but I was also a machine gunner in WW2 and shot high power before WW2 when there were no earmuffs.
be an ideot but when you kill some body theres no going back.
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