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Originally Posted by jtravisbayne View Post
Can anyone recommend a good source for 9mm load data for Alliant Power Pistol? Alliant's website only lists 3 bullets for 9mm: 147gr, 124gr & 115gr; all Gold Dot Hollow Points. I'm interested in load data for 115gr plated bullets or 125gr hard cast. I picked up a pound of this powder to try out, but I'd like to avoid purchasing jacketed bullets just for target shooting if possible.

I'm not asking for recipes, but rather, do any of the current manuals, ie. Lyman, Hornady, etc have a wider selection of loads for this powder?

Thanks a lot

You could try the current Lyman manual for loads. In my experience, Power Pistol is best used with jacketed bullets. It's primarily a high velocity powder, and high velocity with lead bullets usually equals a leaded barrel.

I use it with 124gr FMJ for primary target load in my CZ75–it's a good powder, but probably not the best to use with lead bullets.

If you can keep the velocity under 1200fps, you should be just fine with plated bullets.
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