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My point in all this is if you really think you have the presence of mind to go from a dead sleep to 100% switched on in the fraction of a second it takes for a mob of people to invade your home in a manner that has been carefully rehearsed over and over and over again your ego is suffering from a serious yeast infection and you’re a prime example of spectators arrogance.
"Spectators' Arrogance." I have to endure many conversations, on a daily basis, in which I'd find that phrase helpful. I'm totally stealing it.

From the rec.guns FAQ:

If you really think your time at the range is to prepare you for concealed carry situations, then always enact a scenario similar to your normal life. I always shoot in a wool suit with three VCR tapes in my left hand and a twelve pack under my right armpit.

Not a bad start, but even this "scenario" (make sure to use that word a lot, by the way) is unrealistic. I like to have my wife wake me up at 3:00 a.m., screaming "Shoot him! Shoot him!" Then, I can blast away in the *very environment* I'll need to know. It's a fabulous training technique - I've never been able to get that "sleepy eye goo" part right at the range - but it does have its drawbacks: we'll sure miss Fluffy.
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