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Much like school shootings, statistically these incidents don't happen.
Unlike school shootings these events are GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED.

Whether a criminal or not I do not believe anyone in this situation could be held responsible for defending themselves in this situation.

I do not believe that a drug dealer loses his right to defend his own safety from robbers when he deals drugs. If a drug dealer calls the police to report he is being robbed, should they reply, "sorry, we think you are a drug dealer lets see how this plays out."

In my mind a drug dealer has the same right to protect himself as a diamond dealer. Like a diamond dealer he does not have free license to rob or kill, but if someone comes into his house intending harm upon him I do not think he should sit there and take it. In the case of a no knock warrant I do not think it is reasonable to expect anyone to know who it is breaking into their house. As previously pointed out and supported by provided sources it is not unheard of for police to be involved in illegal drug raids. I am pretty sure there was a similar ring in NY and FL in the past decade.

I want statistics showing how many shootouts with criminals result from these warrants. Why can't the police grab them when they are out of the house? Is this a way to circumvent our arguably broken court system?
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