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Hey, guys! Sorry to interrupt this debate, but I've inherited my late father's Remington, and I'm seeking more information on it, because we've come up empty looking through everything in his house!
The ONLY markings on the entire gun are "E. Remington & Sons, Ilion, N.Y. USA" along the length of the top of the gun barrel, and on the left side of the barrel is "44"...that's it. Any other markings may have been scratched off, as there appear to be abrasion marks along the length of the left front side of the revolver also has a brown, woodgrain handgrip. My nextdoor neighbor, who is retired army, practically drooled when he saw the revolver and strongly urged me to get it appraised, but I don't know who to call in my area (near Louisville, Kentucky). I've already been to the Remington Society website, which wasn't very helpful, except for a picture of an old Remington Army and Navy Revolver, which looks almost exactly like Dad's.
Any suggestions and/or advice you guys can offer would be most appreciated, as I want to take the best care of this revolver as I can; it's the only inheritance I have from my late father's estate. Feel free to reach me at [email protected] if you want to see the three pictures I took this morning of Dad's revolver...THANKS, guys! Cheryl
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