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Of course, pnac, that just furthers WA's claim that the only people in any way likely to be the target of such crimes are those already involved in criminal activities (like dealers). I still think it's questionable whether policies that facilitate crimes are a great idea, whether the targets of those crimes are criminals or not.

I think the problem, and the reason getting any traction on this issue is so difficult, is that it's not really a clear-cut civil rights issue. Warrants are being issued, due process is observed, and while mistakes are made the intent is there to honor the rights of citizens.

The only real issue is public safety, and whether the gains made by issuing no-knock warrants outweigh what danger they pose to law-abiding citizens. Which, at the end of the day, isn't can find a long list of instances of dead law-abiding citizens, but those are over the course of a couple decades. Much like school shootings, statistically these incidents don't happen.

I'd still argue that the upside isn't worth it, but I don't necessarily expect people to automatically accept that.
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