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I am sorry but at least in my jurisdiction it takes more than a CI to authorize a No Knock warrant. A CI gets you a target that needs to be watched. Everyone who goes in and out is IDed for a period of time. Licenses are run. Ownership is verified.

So it is not the fast and loose cowboy nonsense you and the Leftist Cato institute are purporting.

I am still troubled by the animus.

I also disagree with the notion of the Police becoming militarized. If SWAT was patrolling or answering Police calls on a regular basis you MIGHT have a point.

The Police are outgunned out there, I have been involved in several recoveries of AKs and ARs---I don't carry one. We also have had a rash of shootings with the 5.7 cartridge.

The reason for the 3am go time is there are not many bystanders milling about not for some rush. The rush is just a welcome byproduct.

The process for getting them is also stupidly easy. It often consists of nothing more than claiming an anonymous source said there are drugs being delt at address xxxxx. That's it. I could call in your address to the police and they could have a no knock warrant issued within the hour and be at your house tonight. Scary thought isn't it?
It would be if it had a basis in reality
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