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Originally Posted by wagonman
However, I think that there are so few screw ups with No knock raids to make most of the dicussion moot, I compare it to the antis fixation on the .50. It's provocative to have grandma baking cookies and the SWAT team doing an entry. It is provocative to have a .50 blow up a watermelon through a ballistic vest.
Please take a look at the Cato map link I posted earlier. You are very mistaken about the number of these things that are botched. There are a lot of them and the number is growing as the police forces become increasingly militarized. The first time the police broke down the door to the wrong house and an innocent person was killed the whole no-knock warrant idea should have been banned. There is no reason for them, ever. The process for getting them is also stupidly easy. It often consists of nothing more than claiming an anonymous source said there are drugs being delt at address xxxxx. That's it. I could call in your address to the police and they could have a no knock warrant issued within the hour and be at your house tonight. Scary thought isn't it?

They say no knocks are needed so drug suspects won't flush evidence. If the person is a dealer they are going to be leaving the house eventually to sell some. The house can be entered when they are gone or the person can be apprehended outside the house. The only reason police today use them is because they have an ever increasing military ideology and staking a place out and doing a low key arrest just doesn't give the same rush as breaking down a door at 3am and getting to shove your gun in someone's face. I'm not sure what you call a country that allows these type of police activities but it sure isn't the USA anymore and I want my country back.
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