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I've introduced the mental side of this now let’s look at the physical: We got people on this forum bitching about a little gas getting squirted in their eyes when they shoot their AR's and M-4's. What is your performance going to be like when your eyes are groggy and glued shut from the sand man? A person's blood pressure lowers during sleep, (ever wonder why you’re so cold in the morning? Your core temperature is lowest during sleep) what's going to happen when you jump up? You’re liable to pass out. I know for a fact I'd fail it. It'd take a solid six months to a year of this kind of training to be anything close to effective. Who really wants to volunteer to be woken up multiple times a night by explosions and loud voices for the next 180 days? By the end of it you'll be as flaky as a sexually abused house cat.
While I agree that some people may be this way (and don't get me wrong, I'm a champion sleeper) but I had one experience that simulates this somewhat. My step-dad stepped out of the house one night to go on a death call (he's a funeral director/embalmer. And yes, I'm a bum, I still live at home) and forgot to disarm the alarm system. Of course it went off with it's seemingly 500 decibel speaker and I was up and moving within a second or so convinced we were being invaded. Would this happen every time? I don't know, but I'm inclined to think so. As I said in another thread, I'm paranoid by nature and anything unexpected like that puts me on high alert. Anyway, enjoying the responses, keep 'em coming! Thanks...
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