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This is at its very core not a legal problem. It is a political problem. Politicians need to grow a set and ban virtually all no knock raids. And they need to ban the practice of police pretending to be secret agents. Cops should be in readily identifiable uniforms at all times when they are engaging in official business.
So you don't wasnt any UC Cops, or "Tact" cops, decoy cops. seems like you want to throw baby out with bathwater.

I try to see the other side of issues but sometimes I think people go a bridge too far in their animus to Law Enforcement.

Bad things happen in life, no Cop goes to work to hit 269 Main street instead of 296 Main street. I feel to assign bad intentions and maliciousness does not advance the argument.

If you have the misfortune of having a "No Knock Warrant" mistakenly served at your residence put your hands up and comply and Litigate.

If is isn't a Police raid do what you gotta do.

However, I think that there are so few screw ups with No knock raids to make most of the dicussion moot, I compare it to the antis fixation on the .50. It's provocative to have grandma baking cookies and the SWAT team doing an entry. It is provocative to have a .50 blow up a watermelon through a ballistic vest.

Both instances do not happen in the real world with any meaningful regularity

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