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G'day from down under

Sounds really crazy from an outside (alien) point of view??

So, if you live in a town where it is illegal to carry concealled, then drive to another town (or state close by) where it is illegal to carry open, stop for gas, you have to you have to quickly conceal, then you realise you left your wallet at home, so have to turn around drive back home to get it, change to carry open, get your wallet, drive back to the other area where you have to carry concealled again.... get your gas, then finish driving to where you were originally going which is in a state it is illegal to carry open..... then go to the range, where it is illegal to conceal (in the state where it is illegal to carry open)

You realise you are running low on ammo (having too much fun) so you get back in your truck (quickly concealling on your way to your truck) drive back to the town where you it is illegal to conceal, buy shootloads of ammo, drive back to the range, have to stop on the way to get more gas (its a BIG block) at a gas station where it is illegal to conceal, get your gas and drive back to the range concealled (illegal to carry open on the way) then you get back to the range in the state where it is illegal to carry open, where you are legally obliged to carry open......

Then...... you realise you should have got some cigarettes back at the gas station..........


You wouldnt want a nickle plated gun, you would wear the plating off it.....

It sounds unrealistic, but this sort of thing could happen couldnt it? especially if you live where 3 states have boundaries intersecting and you are crossing border(s) all the time?

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