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Hey Wildboarz, do you remember when he addressed a group of shooters, brave Johnny wore a flak jacket under his suit? I always thought, what a gutless little bastard he was but later on I thought. "That was a stroke of genius! If he made it look like he needed to wear a bullet proof vest to talk in front of a shooters group, most of the public would assume that shooters were a bunch of murderous psychopaths who couldn't be trusted"

Isn't it incredible how since the laws were enacted, the ordinary shooter has been steadily demonized until we're considered to be the problem, not the criminals with unlicensed firearms? Amazing what can be achieved with propaganda.

I'm interested to hear from WA that the laws appear to have been interpreted and enforced differently. Weren't they supposed to be "uniform"?

By the way. The laws as enacted, without debate, were already drafted and ready to go. The incident at Port Arthur was a convenient vehicle for the Howard Government indeed.
"A firearm in the hands of a citizen is a danger to government. A firearm in the hands of a criminal is of benefit to government" Anon.
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