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Yugo Underfolder build... won't cycle

Hi Guys,

I don't post much, but have been a member for a while, and read quite a bit. I am in possession of a Yugo underfolder built on a global trades receiver. My brother acquired the kit, and got disgusted with it because he feels it is too loose (upper and lower hand guard wiggle a bit, dust cover wiggles a bit, is all I can really tell)... Anyway, the main problem with the weapon is that it wont' fully cycle after the first two or three rounds out of a mag... any mag I have tried.

I have a romanian build that functions flawlessly with any of the mags I have tried, although it was an unissued kit, the yugo is "broken in"

Anyway, have tried different ammo, different mags, but past that point, I don't know where to start. With the price of AK's going up, if I can get this one to work, it would be a good value to me . My brother was going to demill it and use it for parts, but told me I could keep it if I could get it to cycle properly through one 30 round mag.... :mrgreen:

Thanks for any suggestions,

It's a shame all my guns were with Trapp's...
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