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Yes, to be young and stupid. Too bad we all get old and wiser (and deaf too).

It is your choice to take simple protection - precautions to protect your ears, eyes and the rest of your health. Don't follow in our foot steps in becoming deaf, blind and even worse.

Your young now but believe me if you live any longer you'll get old. When you get old the simple joys in life is all that is left so take a few steps to protect them because you only get one body. Yes, I'm sure by the time your old they may have come up with transplating your brain into a new body but until they do that you only get one - take reasonable care of it.
Issues of hearing damage aside, I always wear ear plugs (or at least a couple shells stuck in my ears) simply because the sound of loud gunshots right near me hurts my ears. I always have.

Actually, I'd just as soon not have my tax dollars paying the lifelong medical expenses of the fools I see riding without helmets, some of whom are going to wind up with severe brain injuries... same can be said of seatbelt use, I think. There are different kinds of "hurt."
Those "fools" pay taxes just like you and some of them probably aren't too happy with some of your lifestyle choices. I say live and let live.
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