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Shot a flea-infested cottontail once myself. Picked it up after shooting and was surprised to find a horde of fleas leaving the rabbit and working their way up my hand and wrist.

Dropped the bunny quick; brushed all the fleas off myself that I could; finished up with thorough shower & change of clothes on return home. Isolated and thoroughly washed the clothes, too. That seemed to end the problem.

My solution was to leave all subsequent bunnies lie until their body heat had mostly left--the fleas seek the body heat apparently. That did the trick--no fleas on further bunnies. (Unless, of course, the first one was the only one with fleas anyhow!)

Now, fleas can carry bubonic plague, so it's a really good idea to avoid them. As to eating the bunnies, thorough cooking kills bacteria so cook 'em up and enjoy.
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