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I am guilty of a heinous firing line offense and I freely admit this in hopes it helps just one person in my shoes or a "down the line" shooter. No one needs jump me for this as I flogged myself as did the RM. I had a shotgun and a .38 revolver and my son of about 12 or so at the range. RM called a routine cease fire to change targets. I and junior swapped out the targets as did the others on the line and I am awaiting the range to go back hot and in my INCOMPETENCE and joy to finally be out shooting I FAILED to notice junior had reloaded the .38. He wasn't aware of the "EMPTY ALL GUNS, ACTIONS OPEN" rule of the range and likely didn't hear it declared with plugs and muffs on. Clearly a violation but the zone had no one still on the grass when he fired a round on our target but it was not a good thing....
BTW this is the first time I have shared this in public...
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